Tension Control Bolts Ltd has been operating for some fifty years although it was originally involved in the manufacture of standard bolting. TCB’s were a British concept but found popularity first in the Far East and then the USA. The bolt has now established a firm foothold in the construction Industry throughout Europe and has virtually replaced the original standard high strength friction grip bolts and nuts due mainly to its speed of installation and quality advantages.

tcb companyWhen Tension Control Bolts Ltd pioneered the Greenkote® coating system it was probably the most significant moment in the company’s history. With anticorrosion being high on the engineers list of priorities, Greenkote, with its natural advantages, instantly revolutionised the coating of threaded fasteners and more importantly, guaranteed the complete absence of any form of Hydrogen embrittlement in high strength bolts.

Today, tension control bolts are used almost exclusively around the world in the construction of Steel Bridges, High Rise Building Structures and Stadia, and are the first choice for engineers who demand the highest standards of bolting integrity.

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Tension Control Bolts Ltd are proud sponsors of Steel for Life.

Greenkote® anti-corrosion protection

Tension Control Bolts Ltd has its own metal coating plant producing an environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating called Greenkote, which is comparable to galvanising, although it is harder wearing and readily accepts all paint systems. Learn more about Greenkote.