TCB stock a wide range of long sockets and extensions for use with our shear wrenches. For joints with restricted access dedicated long sockets up to 200mm are available in diameters from M12 to M30, or an Extension Holder can be fitted to extend the wrench body by 100mm. The socket connected to the holder is interchangeable. 

Long Sockets

long sockets

Download Long Socket size chart (PDF)

Extension Holder

extension holder

Download Extension Holder size chart (PDF)

Changing Sockets

1. To remove a socket use a slotted screwdriver to unscrew (but not remove) the two set screws on the outer socket holder of the wrench. Take care not to lose the screws.

2. To attach a new socket place the socket set over the ejector pin and use a bolt spline to push and turn the socket until it seats correctly; The gap between the socket and socket holder must be removed. Then re-tighten the set screws.

changing sockets

Inner and Outer Sockets

1. To separate inner and outer socket sets push the projecting pin in the centre of the inner socket down and this will allow the inner socket to be removed.

inner sockets

2. To connect inner and outer sockets together put the outer over the inner and then push the projecting pin in the centre of the inner socket down and the two sockets will connect.

outer sockets

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