Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre is scheduled to open in June 2020 and is the 3rd largest in France, outside of Paris. The 660 metre long Parc des Expositions (PEX) will host exhibitions, conferences, events and concerts and is designed to meet the needs of both business professionals and the event industry.

The site is located a few kilometres north east of Toulouse, in the immediate vicinity of the airport and Airbus, one of the largest and most economically important factories of the city. In stark contrast to sprawling conventional exhibition and convention parks, the 338,000 sqm project has been designed as a compact mini-city with sustainable development in mind; a means to preserve the surrounding French countryside which includes the conservation of a historic farm.

Eiffage Métal manufactured the 2,400t steel structure for the Convention Hall which is 15,000m² and have installed in excess of 35,000 M30 and M36 diameter tension control bolt assemblies to construct the hall. The span of the larger steel beams is 90 metres. TCBs installed in these beams enables column free exhibition space of circa 40,000m².


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