TCB Moving to Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

As part of our ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Tension Control Bolts Ltd are pleased to have installed charging points for our newly acquired Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles (PHEV) at our offices in Wrexham.

TCB company car drivers are now far more fuel efficient in traffic. These vehicles are ideal for short journeys as in full electric mode all exhaust emissions are eliminated.

Tension Control Bolts Ltd have long been at the forefront of eco-innovation. Our patented Greenkote® fastener coating process is completely eco-friendly and does not produce any toxic waste. For many years TCB have also funded and supported research and development in the growing Wind Energy sector.

Steve Jones, Technical Director and new PHEV driver explained “Transport emissions are adversely resulting in a major contribution to poor air quality and the environment. Switching to hybrid vehicles at TCB is a small step towards banishing pollutants from our roads and communities. Though the initial costs of electric vehicles are higher than conventional diesel or petrol engines, TCB are pleased to have acquired hybrid vehicles and will look to introduce all–electric vehicles as and when the technology has sufficiently advanced.”