Agreement with Red Wind for Wind Turbines in Russia

Modular Steel Tower (MST)
TCB Bolted Modular Steel Tower (MST)

Tension Control Bolts Ltd have reached agreement with Red Wind B.V to supply Greenkote® Tension Control Bolts to wind energy farms in Russia.

The Lagerwey designed modular steel tower is bolted together with 10,000 TCBs. This new agreement adds a further 328 towers to the 60 towers for which fasteners have already supplied. These towers are destined for wind farms located near Krasnodar and Stavropol and will be erected over the next three years.

Historically, Tension Control Bolts Ltd have exported Greenkote® TCB’s to many power plants in the Russian Federation including Troitsk and Kharanorskaya, and we are now glad to be supporting renewable energy and the charge towards a cleaner world. The wind energy market in particular offers huge opportunities for growth in Russia.

Red Wind B.V is a partnership between Lagerwey and NovaWind. In turn Lagerwey is owned by ENERCON, and NovaWind is a subsidiary of the Rosatom Group.

Picture Copyright Lagerwey