TCB Stud Lengths

TCB Studs

TCB Studs have been deployed for many years utilised in stadia, bridges, high rise and high speed rail applications. They are a conceptually innovative solution and there is now increased demand globally.

As of the start of November 2023, the way TCB stud nominal lengths are described will change & stud measurement will align with ISO 888. Historically, the nominal length of TCB Studs have been measured from the breakneck point to the end of the stud.

With a LH threaded nut fully installed, the nominal length ‘l’ will be measured from the nut face to the breakneck point. Moving away from measurement of nominal lengths of TCB bolts and studs will be aligned so the description of stud lengths will be the same as bolt lengths.

Studs will also be manufactured & stocked to specific ‘core’ lengths.

For further guidance on the changes please contact Please be assured of technical and commercial support during the transition towards the simplified updated methodology.

A new updated Stud Grip Tolerance Chart is available here!