TCB Weathering Steel Seminar

Installation of M24 Weathering Steel bolts

With the lifespan of structures growing and the time until first maintenance also extending there has been increasing demand for weathering steel (WS) tension control bolts globally.

TCB has historically supplied many weathering steel structures, but the progression of HS2 has accelerated demand in recent times. TCB has already supplied some enabling bridges as part of the scope of the HS2 project which has a requirement for over 450 new bridges with the majority being weathering grade steel.

As part of ongoing engagement and collaboration with steel fabricators and consulting engineers TCB has delivered its weathering steel technical presentation to many of the key players involved with HS2. This has been well received and is ongoingly available to support the construction of WS projects.

‘Weathering’ refers to the chemical composition of the steel which has improved atmospheric corrosion resistance. The performance advantages of this steel composition provide numerous benefits; specifically, excellent durability with minimal future maintenance necessary.

TCB is the largest stockholder of weathering steel TCBs globally with bolts available in many lengths across both M24 and M30 diameters. Stud and countersunk WS options are also available which gives engineers additional design flexibility.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the range of weathering steel products available.